Welcome to Pack 323

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Pack 323 is a fun-focused organization to teach young boys the values of exploration, good citizenship, charity, leadership, and self-reliance.  We serve the western Ellicott City and Woodstock areas and the Waverly Elementary School for boys in grades 1-5.

St. Alphonsus Rodriguez Catholic Church is our sponsoring organization.  We have monthly Pack meetings there, usually on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.   In addition, we have separate monthly Den meetings as organized by the various Den Leaders in our Pack.

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Bobcat is the introductory rank every cub scout must attain before moving on to subsequent ranks.  Boys can then go on to earn the following rank badges.  Our Dens are organized with boys from these ranks grouped into separate Dens.
Tiger – 1st grade
Wolf – 2nd grade
Bear  – 3rd grade
Webelos 1 – 4th grade
Webelos 2 – 5th grade

For more information on Cub Scout ranks, please visit http://usscouts.org/advance/cubscout/intro.asp.

Boys are welcome to join at any level.  We have monthly activities in both the Den and Pack meetings that focus on advancing our Scouts through their Achievements to gain belt loops, badges, and, of course, Advancement to the next level.  We also have fun and informative guest speakers and demonstrations, as well as Community Service activities.