Nepal Relief Fundraiser & Ice Cream Social

Please join Cub Scout Pack 323 to learn all about scouting over ice cream and toppings! We’ll have tents and other scouting fun and games.  We’re currently accepting applications from kindergarten through 4th grade boys for next year.

Due to the recent tragedy in Nepal, we’ll be setting up a donation box and charging $1 per scoop. The money will be donated to the Nepal Youth Foundation, which has been on the ground helping kids in Nepal for 25 years.  Let’s help our young Scouts lend a helping hand to those in need.

June 15, 2015

6:30 – 8:00 p.m.

Waverly ES Cafeteria and Blacktop for outdoor activities


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Memorial Flag Laying Ceremony

Please join us as we join with Scouts from all over the area to honor our fallen heroes.

We will car-pool from Waverly Elementary School, leaving PROMPTLY at 5:30pm on Friday, May 22.

CLASS A UNIFORMS are required for this occasion. Siblings are welcome!

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Upcoming Event: National Pike District 2015 Day Camp

What:       National Pike District 2015 Cub Scout Day Camp (
Where:     Howard County Fair Grounds (
When:       June 22June 26, 2015,; 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Why:         Our national accredited Cub Scout Day Camp provides five full days of age appropriate activities including sports, archery, crafts, and nature activities.  Planned games and activities can help Cub Scouts advance to their next rank and Webelos complete activity badges while they meet new friends from many other Scout Packs, all for about half the price of your other camp choices.
Every Camper gets a free Camp hat, patch and a professional picture of their Day Camp Den for their scrap book.
How Much?
$165.00 for one Cub Scout
$90.00 for each additional Cub from the same family
$20.00 for Youth Volunteers (Boy Scouts and also non-Scouts aged 14 – 17)
$15.00 per day for Tagalongs (children of adult volunteers)
Discounts for adult volunteers that volunteer to help at Camp:
Day Camp Staff*:        2 Scouts FREE (or a Tagalong)
5 Day Den Leader:      $100.00 Discount plus one Tagalong FREE
5 Day Volunteers:        $90.00 Discount
4 Day Volunteers:        $70.00 Discount
3 Day Volunteers:        $50.00 Discount
Pack Coordinators:      $30.00 Discount
*Staff discounts are available to Administrative Staff and Station Managers.  To become Staff you MUST contact Jennifer or Mike Taylor prior to filling out your paper work.
How to Register:
Step 1:      Download registration documents at

  • Scout Day Camper: 1) 2015 Youth Registration Form for Cub Scout Camper & 2) BSA Health and Medical Form
  • Tagalong Camper: 1) 2015 Youth Registration Form for Tagalong & 2) BSA Health and Medical Form
  • Adult Volunteers: 1) 2015 Adult Volunteer Registration & 2) BSA Health and Medical Form

Step 2:      Submit completed forms to Pack 323 Coordinator (see below) with payment (checks made out to: Pack 323) by MARCH 1, 2015 (preferably by the Pack Meeting February 18, 2015)
Uniforms: Cub Scouts and Adult Volunteers (2 days or more) receive one free camp shirt.  Additional shirts may be ordered before camp starts for $5.00 each, or $7.00 each for Adult XXL and XXXL sizes.

Cub Scout Day Camp is an ALL VOLUNTEER effort, so volunteers are needed from Packs that are sending boys to Camp.

  • 5-Day Den Leader: one 5-Day Adult Volunteer is required for every 8th Scout of the same rank registered from our Pack.
  • Camp Volunteers for Stations or Dens: one Adult Volunteer for each of the five (5) days of Day Camp for every 4th boy registered from our Pack.  Multiple Adults may pool their available days to cover this requirement, but each of the 5 days of Camp must be covered.  NOTE: Each 5-day Den Leader or Camp Staffer provided by the Pack may be used to satisfy the requirements for one Camp or Den Volunteer.
  • Den Volunteers: one Adult Volunteer is required for every 4th Scout of the same rank, to help lead the Den of that same Rank.  Multiple Adults may pool their available days to cover this requirement, but each of the 5 days of Camp must be covered.  NOTE: Each 5-day Den Leader or Camp Staffer provided by the Pack may be used to satisfy the requirements for one Camp or Den Volunteer.

Pack 323 Coordinator: Max O’Brien,

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Klondike Derby

The boys had a wonderful time. It didn’t snow, but it was still cold for the adults.

201501 Klondike Derby 06201501 Klondike Derby 19 201501 Klondike Derby 26201501 Klondike Derby 47 201501 Klondike Derby 63201501 Klondike Derby 72IMG_2563

If you couldn’t make it this year, I hope you can next year!

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Klondike Derby

Updated Reminders for the upcoming Klondike Derby.

 Posted below are the starting times for the Cub Scout, Boy Scout/Webelos/Sled, and Adventure Trails for the 2015 National Pike Klondike Derby for this coming Saturday, January 31st.

Some Reminders:

1)  We still need volunteers to help out with parking.  Please send me a reply if your unit can help out with some volunteers.

2)  NEW REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS:  We need to identify all participants by name.  I have attached a roster form.  Please print the form, complete it. and bring it to me at some point during the day on Saturday.

3)  If your contingent includes professional medical staff (doctor, nurse, EMT, etc.), please provide us with their name and cell number when you register in the morning.  We will use these only in the event of a medical emergency at the event, and only to augment our own emergency medical staff.

4)  Your event planning should (must!) start with a carpooling plan — a plan to get your sleds and Scouts into the park using the fewest possible number of vehicles.

5)  You will be directed where to park by our traffic management crew– please do what they tell you.  They’re in charge.  You will have an opportunity to drop your sleds near the trailhead/registration.  You may also want to plan on dropping off your registration person while someone else parks — the walk from the furthest parking lot to registration is 10-15 minutes.  DO NOT plan to drop your Cub Trail participants off at the trailhead — if you stop there, you’ll create a traffic jam and a safety hazard.

6)  Make a gathering plan for your groups — pick a landmark near the trailhead for each group.  Please do not pick the registration desk as your gathering point.

7)  Registration can be done by one person for all groups (Cub Trail and multiple sleds).  However, you will receive materials (passports on the Cub side, map and scoresheet on the sled side) at registration that need to go with your trail groups, and the trailheads for the two trails are about a 10 minute walk apart — so one person doing all of your registration will likely get some exercise.  Please do not send a large crowd to registration — one person per trail group should do.  We will also ask for a cell phone number (only one, please) for an adult traveling with each trail group, in case we need to reach your group on the trail.

8)  If you have adds to your headcount, you can settle any changes in fees at any point in the day, but I would encourage you to wait until after your trail group has started — you may not really know who you’ve got for the first half hour.  Registration will be very focused on getting groups on the trail — we’ve got all day to sort out fee changes.

9)  The time shown in the schedule is the time at which your unit should present itself to the station staff at the trail head — not the time that you should be arriving at event registration.  Please plan accordingly.

10)  Total trail time:  The Cub Trail typically takes about three hours to complete; the sled trail takes about five hours to complete.

11)  Troop 649 will be running the Ulcer Gulch food service again this year.  Ulcer Gulch provides coffee, cocoa, hot dogs, and various other snacks sufficient for a trail lunch, at modest prices.  Ulcer Gulch provides a fire for warmth; depending on the expected weather, the Ulcer Gulch pavilion may be enclosed to provide additional warmth.  The Ulcer Annex will also be provided again this year.

12)  Clothing and Weather:  Everyone should be dressed in layers, and in appropriate footwear.  The trails will be snowy or muddy, depending on the weather over the next few days — sneakers are not appropriate.  Please impress upon parents that this is an outdoor event spanning several hours — if they have younger siblings participating, they may need to plan on a warm-up at Ulcer Gulch at some point.  Note that older boys on the sled trail don’t have that luxury — there is no practical way to take a break from the sled trail, so they need to be prepared for the day.

13)  Port-a-pots will be distributed through-out the park.

14)  Postponement:  This event will run rain or shine unless 1) the Maryland Department of Natural Resources closes the park; 2)  District/Council invokes their closure rules (state of emergency due to weather, etc.); or 3)  the event staff deem conditions to have become unsafe.  In the event of postponement prior to the event starting, we will notify all unit POCs directly via phone call, will send an e-mail to this distribution list, and will post an announcement on the District web page.  I see nothing in the long range forecast that is likely to trigger such a postponement — cold temperatures have never caused the event to be postponed.

15)  Early Curtailment:  Once we get started, the event will be curtailed early only if the Maryland Department of Natural Resources closes the Park or the event staff deems conditions to have become unsafe.  There are two possibilities here:  a weather surprise, and the filling of all parking spaces.  In the event of a weather surprise that closes the park, we will notify all stations and manage traffic to effect an orderly closure.  If we completely saturate parking in the park, we will be required to turn away cars at the front gate.  That will create tremendous headaches and safety issues, so we need to carpool effectively to avoid that.

16)  Lost and Found items can be turned in at the registration desk, or to station staff.

17)  Finally, what should go without saying:  All of the event staff are volunteers who are donating their time to provide the best possible event.  Mistakes may be made and plans may go awry, but please bear in mind that over 200 people have donated their day for the entertainment of your unit — be kind to the event staff.  Also be polite and respectful to the McKeldin Park employees; they’re very proud of the ability to host such a large event, but the size of our group also makes them nervous.

18)  If your unit has not yet registered but you want to participate, please call me (443-812-1606) or send me an e-mail.  We can still add you to the trail schedule.

See you Saturday —


PLEASE NOTE that there are two tables below; the first is for the Cub Trail, the second for the Boy Scout/Webelos/sled trail AND the Adventure/Hiking trail


Please note that large groups are shown as covering multiple consecutive starting times; the whole unit should arrive as one group at the trailhead at the first starting time.

Time Unit
8:30 P0827
8:35 P0108
8:40 P0606
8:45 P0606
8:50 P0606
8:55 P0122
9:00 P0371
9:05 P0371
9:10 P0371
9:15 P0793
9:20 P0793
9:25 P0305
9:30 P0432
9:35 P0373
9:40 P2005
9:45 P1022
9:50 P0461
9:55 P0061
10:00 P0323
10:05 P2010
10:10 P0062
10:15 P0333
10:20 P0333
10:25 P0720
10:30 P0720
10:35 P0702
10:40 P0617
10:45 P0617
10:50 P0618
10:55 P0361
11:00 P0761
11:05 P0613
11:10 P0678
11:15 P0522
11:20 P0874
11:25 P0917
11:30 P0917
11:35 P0838
11:40 P1820
11:45 P0794
11:50 P0737
11:55 P0944
12:00 P0787
12:05 P1111
12:10 P0360
12:15 P0495

Boy Scout/Webelos/Sled Trail AND Adventure/Hiking Trail

Units shown with a leading “A” (A – T0225A) are participating on the Adventure/Hiking trail.

Note that some starting times have shifted 12-18 minutes from the preliminary times you were given at registration in order to accommodate the integration of the Adventure trail and units that are camping over night.

Time Unit
8:00 A – T0225A
8:06 T0225B
8:12 P0827A
8:18 P0827B
8:24 P0108A
8:30 A – C0373A
8:36 P0702A
8:42 P0702B
8:48 P0461A
8:54 P0461B
9:00 A – T432A
9:06 P0606A
9:12 T0618A
9:18 P0371A
9:24 P0371B
9:30 A – C0851A
9:36 P0323A
9:42 T1820A
9:48 P0432A
9:54 P0432B
10:00 A – T0119A
10:06 P0793A
10:12 P0793B
10:18 P0373A
10:24 P2005A
10:30 P2005B
10:36 P1022A
10:42 T0122A
10:48 P0062A
11:00 P0333A
11:06 P0618A
11:12 P0361A
11:18 P0761A
11:24 P0761B
11:30 P0737A
11:36 P0787A
11:42 P0613A
11:48 P0678A
12:00 P0917A
12:06 P0917B
12:12 P0838A
12:18 P0874A
12:24 P0944A
12:30 P0617A
12:36 P0115A
12:42 P1111A
12:48 T0119B
13:00 P0917C
13:06 P0495A
13:12 P0944B




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Scout Night 2015 with The Baltimore Blast Jan 24 @ 6:05 PM

Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts, Webelos, Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts and Exploring
and Venturing
The Baltimore Blast will again host
Scout Night 2015. All Scouts will be invited to a pregame autograph session and clinic on the field, all registered scouts will receive a Scout Night 2015 patch, be honored on the field during a special halftime parade and more!!
Each Scout Leader bringing a group of 10 or more will receive a FREE game ticket
This year Cub Scouts will have the opportunity to work towards their Soccer Belt Loop during pregame activities.
Please let me know if you plan on attending at
Please click below for information and form
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Upcoming Pack Meeting

Our January Pack Meeting will be on Wednesday, January 21.  The theme will be Construction.  We will have 4 rotating stations, which we hope to make both fun and educational:

- Bridge Construction with toothpicks and marshmallows – Try to span the gap over the chasm!
- Paper airplane contests (distance, accuracy, flight time, etc.)
- Catapults (made from 1/2 gallon OJ or milk cardboard containers)
- Tower building with cardboard blocks and laser level – Build two towers exactly the same height and shine a laser through to hit a target.
As a re-use campaign, please save, rinse, and bring as many cardboard 1/2 gallon containers as you can for use in the catapults.  If you want to bring materials for the other construction projects (marshmallows, blocks, etc.) please let John know.  Thank you!

John Baker
Cubmaster, Pack 323
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November Pack Meeting: Citizenship

Pack 323 Saluting the Troops

We gathered donated items such as candy, magazines, travel size hygiene items, DVDs, and other goods to pack to be sent to our troops serving overseas. Webelos made great arguments with whip cream vs. pudding. The boys cast their ballots and whip cream claimed victory. And the rest of us enjoyed the show. Thanks to the parents and especially our Cubmaster!

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